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Ultrasound is a non-invasive and safe medical imaging technique. Podiatrists use it to check the status of soft tissue, ligaments, muscles, as well as the presence of masses. It is a diagnostic tool that allows them to see and determine the severity of a foot disease.

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The Advantages of Foot Ultrasound

Better and Deeper Understanding

Ultrasound* allows patients to see their injuries on the screen and thereby to better understand the condition of their feet. The podiatrist can answer the patient’s questions regarding the proposed treatment. As a result, the patient will be able to follow the treatment more easily.

Higher Quality Treatment

Ultrasound improves the quality of the treatment by sharpening the diagnosis using highly precise images. The podiatrist can then accurately assess the quality of the soft tissue of the feet and devise a solution based on the patient’s needs. This technology helps to clarify the specific interventions needed. (Injection)

Reliable Non-Invasive Diagnoses

Ultrasonography of the feet is a non-invasive technology used under many circumstances. It allows healthcare professionals to evaluate the soft tissue and diagnose various problems, such as sprains, plantar fasciitis, inflammations, muscle abnormalities, tendonitis, neuromas, and more.

Digital Radiology

Digital radiography is a technology used to diagnose a bone problem while providing an instant medical imaging of the foot. The podiatrist can then assess the quality and alignment of the bones, the biomechanics, and any abnormalities present in the patient’s feet.

*Podiatric musculoskeletal ultrasound will be reffered to an external clinic.

The Advantages of Digital Radiology

Modern and Secure Technology

Digital radiology** is a modern technology that emits a lower level of radiation. The podiatrist can then conduct an examination that is safer for the patient’s health than other technologies. See Clinique podiatrique NDG for more information.

Get an Accurate Diagnosis

Digital radiology helps in the diagnosis of bone problems by means of a higher-quality medical image. The podiatrist can detect a fracture, the magnitude of a hallux valgus, a hammer toe, a bone infection, and osteoarthritis of the feet. He can then formulate the most effective treatment.

More Accurate & Efficient Treatment

When necessary, the podiatrist may use digital radiology to prepare the feet for surgery. The high-quality images show the state of the feet, including their weaknesses. Consequently, treatments and foot surgeries are more accurate and efficient.

**Podiatric radiology with Dr Radic, podiatrist.



When Is Medical Imaging Recommended?

During your visit to our clinic, the podiatrist will be able to assess whether or not to examine your feet more thoroughly to establish a comprehensive diagnosis. Using medical imaging is necessary in many cases in order to maximize the quality and timeliness of care. In the region, digital radiology and ultrasound services are offered exclusively through our clinic. Visit us for a highly accurate diagnosis, available immediately.

Is Medical Imaging Covered by Québec Health Insurance (RAMQ)?

At our clinic, the costs of radiography and ultrasonography are the responsibility of the patient. However, they are covered by most private insurance plans. Please check your coverage before making an appointment.

What Is the Advantage of Digital Radiology?

This new technology is safer for patients because of its low radiation. The adverse effects are minimal compared to older technologies. Our clinic prioritizes the use of current technologies and methods that are safe and approved by Health Canada. The NDG Podiatry Clinic offers treatments on the cutting edge of technology. Consult us for digital radiology or ultrasound.